Thursday, August 8, 2019


On Mondays at school we do Pūmanuwa which means we split up into different classrooms and do different activities like Kitchen Science, Technology, Yoga and Cartooning. I chose Cartooning.
I chose cartooning because I like drawing especially when I get to draw anything I want! Pumanūwa is very fun and I can't wait for next year. : )
This is something I drew.  It is a monkey mixed with an eagle
I called it mongle.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Ice Experiment

Today we did an experiment it was on ice. Where we had to put 3 ice spheres in a bowl  and our teacher would give us salt and we have to rub it onto the ice and soon the salt froze into the ice. Also she put red and green diy on the ice and the diy ran into the air pockets the the water had when it froze as we recorded what we noticed and questions  and after. We threw the ice in the air and saw if the ice brook when it landed if it would break.

Monday, July 1, 2019


Last week we did an egg experiment  to see if we could look after an egg.
If we look after it till Friday then that means we could look after a dog or baby.
 We had to take it everywhere we go including bed. At the end of the week I wanted to make mine an omlit. : )
Image result for egg


A few days ago we did art the picture we had to do was a picture of Peter Gossage drawing. Or a drawing of choice with Peter Gossage pattern. I did a taniwha with a Peter Gossage pattern i put the sea green and blue because Peter Gossage doesn't blend stuff in like the ocean.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Book week

Today we did Book week where we had to dress up in a book character! Also we did a big hunt with questions and you have to answer them to win. Or get to the finish to win but he important thing is to have fun and have great team work! i dressed up as Sherlock holms. Heres me !

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Cross Country

A while ago we did cross country. I am a year 5 so that means the track for me is  long and something like this. Around the long road in front of the church to the office gate through the office gate round the turf and behind rooms 8,7,6 and 5 in front off the library. In front of rooms 1 and 2 behind the hall in front of the church behind the netball court to up top up the hill in front of Father Bernard's house and start again twice. After that me Justin,victor and Leo cheered on the rest of the class and took this picture with the yr 5 girls.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019


A few days ago we did science with ice and boiling water and it was a surprise what happened. We put a plate on the top of the  jar with the boiling water in it. And we put the ice on top of that. And the boiling water was trying to escape but It turned cold!